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Use your data to make wise decisions
Data Scientists
55,000 +
Models Maintained Annually
59.8 B
Reports and Dashboards Delivered Annually

The world is alive with data. Every human interaction, every change to our existence, every move we make and every emotional moment we experience is imprinting new data into our living world. How you understand and use data is analytics, and it’s changing everything — with so many sources like text, audio, images and video analytics everywhere. The Internet of Things. Location data. Smart homes. Weather. Geo exploration. Global health. Fraud and risk. Data embedded into our products. Smart shelves. Sentient stores. Intelligent supply chains. Our new analytics era requires sophisticated data science, AI, machine learning, automation and visualization. It requires new skillsets and tools that are just being invented. 

You’re striving to understand and engage with customers. You want to predict what they want and where and when they want it. You also need to understand their sentiment and hidden emotions. Once you know their identity, you can make communication personalized, so they can make decisions. Analytics makes this possible.

Merkle Analytics is ready to lead your enterprise into a new world. We bring 2,500+ data scientists and analytics practitioners to help you devise your analytics strategy, integrate and augment your data, perform advanced analysis, activate your campaigns and measure your results. We bring proven frameworks, methodologies, platforms and tools. We’ll help you transform your intelligence, super-power your marketing and enthrall your customers. And bring your data to life.