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Transforming customer experiences through marketing technology

The role of technology in marketing has been growing and evolving for many years. Developments in data architecture, channel integration and creative automation have changed the game for customer communications. At the same time, rapid advancements in consumer technology have changed the game for expectations around brand relationships. Virtually all interactions are played out in the open spaces of the internet. It’s essential for organisations to ensure they have a clear marketing technology roadmap to maximise the opportunities presented by these developments, while also avoiding the pitfalls of legacy architecture.

Visualising the current and future state marketing technology stack provides a significant asset in engaging all areas of a business. Aligning functional areas to required capabilities that support a customer engagement strategy encourages transparency in the process. But with the rapid changes in marketing technology it can be difficult for businesses to build an accurate picture of how these capabilities fit together.

In this ebook, you will discover how to:

  • Activate performance email at scale
  • Evolve from campaigns to customer journeys
  • Drive performance from dashboards
  • Accelerate efficiency from customer data