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Customers expect orchestrated journeys: Your strategy, planning and tech must blend to deliver


Journey Orchestration


In the face of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, expectations of brands remained high. In the past few years, the trend we've seen boosted consumer demands of the businesses they transact with even gathered pace, as customers made key switches to buying online and buying direct. Of course, instore experiences remained vitally important too, as brands experienced a whole range of new challenges, from keeping shelves full to dealing with unpredictable short notice re-openings.

This leap in customer expectations is not a trend that will decline into 2021. Customer behaviour has shifted, and brand loyalties can seem looser than ever, given the amount of choice we are all presented with as consumers daily. Advances in tech are also driving the change, as brands seize upon the new opportunities offered through a combination of digital and data transformation to deliver a revolutionised customer experience management capability for their business.

How will your brand tackle journey orchestration to meet and exceed consumer expectations in the future? Download our latest paper to understand why the total customer experience can only be delivered through journey orchestration, and how best your business can deliver this.