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Customer Engagement Report 2021

Customer Engagement


A new year, a new world, a new approach to data is required

2020 was a year of change, driving customers to require more contactless experiences and digital interactions. At a time when demand for personalised experiences is high, the customer identity and data landscape is dramatically changing as third-party cookies are on the way out. It’s putting real pressure on marketers to find new ways to fill their identity graphs to serve up relevant, personalized experiences to customers.

Featured This Quarter

Merkle surveyed 800 marketing, analytics, and technology executives at major companies to see how they are responding to these changes, what they are prioritising, and how they are investing in the near and longer term. Download the report to view insights such as:


  • 88% say collecting more first-party data is a high priority in the next 6-12 months.
  • 74% plan to increase investment in tech to account for rising data restrictions.
  • 41% of marketers don’t have a very clear understanding of the impact of privacy-related data restrictions on their systems and operations.
  • 77% say digital platforms drive their best customer experiences.

Key Themes

  • How organisations are preparing for a third-party cookieless world
  • Data and identity experience strategies
  • Dive deeper into digital + offline experiences with decisioning

Featured Case Studies

  • Real-time customer decisioning optimises churn and spend for a wireless communications provider.
  • A bank’s multi-year transformation reimagined the customer experience across sales and service.


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