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R.M. Williams boosts sales by $170k in 3 month with Salesforce


Craftsmanship, durability, inclusivity, and a celebration of the Australian outback spirit are all at the heart of R.M.Williams. This is evident when you walk into a physical store, it’s evident at every customer touchpoint.Ecommerce is a now critical part of the business, from driving trac to digital properties, guiding shoppers through the catalogue, and then converting to customers and ultimately winning lifetime value through sustained intelligent engagement programs.RMW had the technology but were unable to capitalize on the investment. This is where Merkle teamed up with R.M.Williams to create the strategy and deliver the execution to realise the ambition, derive the value and increase the ROI.


Ready, Set, Go!

Merkle created a four point plan:

  1. Set up a managed services program to clear critical backlog
  2. Design and implement 18-month roadmap and program of work
  3. Start on high impact use cases to reach 40% of the audience
  4. Create a vision for the future to excite the business

Abandon Browse journey- One of the biggest opportunities was to capture audiences who shopped but did not purchase. Merkle worked with RMW to build new audiences who showed intent to purchase on the website but did not, Merkle connected these audiences into Salesforce Marketing Cloud via a CDP and them targeted them with highly personalized and persuasive email sequence.


Huge Uplift In 12 Weeks

Within 12 weeks of launching the new abandon browse solution, R.M.Williams saw hundreds of additional sales. What was really impressive was these sales were not only online, but also instore. Yes! targeted emails were changing behaviour and delivering sales across multiple channels, demonstrating the value that can be unlocked across a business when using data and audiences to power engagement programs through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

RM Williams Boosting Sales with Salesforce



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