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Maximizing DOOH effectiveness with data driven programmatic buying

ANZ Human Centred Case Study

With the launch of Human Centred taking place in ANZ in Q2, Lenovo needed a way to create cut through in a noisy competitive landscape, and to help tell the “innovation for good” story in a impactful way, supporting the strategy to build perception of Lenovo as true global technology powerhouse.

OOH was identified as a key channel that could enable Lenovo to connect with broad IT audience through its large reach footprint, whilst delivering a value through a premium “halo”, as one of the most trusted channels. The challenge was that traditional OOH advertising was prohibitively expensive, and the budget available could not support the channel, whilst needing to address other critical investment priorities. The programmatic team pout forward the idea of testing DOOH, which could be bought through a programmatic trade desk, fully managed by the Dentsu team, without the need for a traditional OOH budget which could be USD $250K+.

A solution was developed in partnership with Hivestack, a purpose-built, full stack programmatic digital out of home platform, which used precise audience modelling to match Lenovo ITDM customers to locations of DOOH inventory using mobile devices. The team then reviewed and selected from a proposed inventory of DOOH sites including CBD billboards and airport digital signage which indexed highly against the audience.

The campaign was activated in major cities across Australia for an 6 week period, targeting Lenovo’s audience with the Human Centred key visuals, building the association of Lenovo as a technology innovator, in relevant business contexts. The campaign delivered spectacular results with:

  • Over 500K impressions throughout the campaign lifetime, driving high reach against the target audience
  • 20% of total impression were delivered within airports, zeroing in on busies travellers
  • The campaign saw a 30% increase in costs efficiency when compared to a similar non-programmatic buy with the same OOH vendor

The team have drawn several key learnings from the initiative with much to take away and use for future planning:

  • While direct buy through traditional contract framework offers certainly in securing the most premium inventory, DOOH allows Lenovo to access a premium channel, which would have otherwise been out of budget
  • programmatically bought DOOH delivered on its promise of efficiency with lower CPMs to reach Lenovo’s audience that traditional OOH placement.
  • There are further opportunities for data syncing and cross targeting of audiences exposed to DOOH using mobile ID. In future we could be integrating our brand and demand campaigns into an omnichannel journey, and the team are excited to explore this further.

DOOH effectiveness Image 1

DOOH effectiveness Image 2