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Mirakl PPartnership

Launch a quick and scalable marketplace solution that brings merchants and customers together on a powerful, extensive and intuitive platform

Mirakl is a leading marketplace platform that pioneered the commerce landscape with its best-of-breed digital solution. Mirakl’s fully configurable platform allows quick integration of your systems with pre-built connectors and flexible APIs. 

With a track record of developing strong marketplaces for top and high-profile brands, Mirakl knows what problems brands face, and how to tackle them. Mirakl takes its rigorous security protocols to heart and ensures to provide a bulletproof, low latency operation for unparalleled customer experience. With its advanced automation that allows your business to operate at scale, Mirakl will be your strong partner to optimize your business in the evolving digital world.

•Strong B2B commerce features such as rules customization to govern supplier customer service and performance, APIs to integrate with your existing environment and monitor real-time data, catalog segmentation to create personalized experiences even at the buyer level, and advanced payment systems to handle complex payment needs

•Robust B2C marketplace functionalities such as an easy-to-use, automated control panel to manage assortment and sellers, a modular-built structure that can be fully customized to meet your specific business requirements, secured and fast-performing software that enables low latency even during peak times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and cross-sell and upsell services


Why Choose Merkle for your Mirakl Project?

Merkle has extensive experience in customer experience and digital transformation for B2B and B2C brands. We have helped brands evolve their digital practices and grow their business over the years, and  this has given us the capability to advise and implement ecommerce services based on proven data and results.

Building an enterprise marketplace solution can be challenging, but Merkle knows exactly what you need to succeed.

We are in closely collaborate with the Mirakl team in your market to bring the right solution to your specific business goals. Our staff is trained with the latest ecommerce knowledge to provide you with actionable insights, smoothing the way for your business to excel. From the consultation to platform integration, both our advisory and technical teams will work hand-in-hand to ensure a fast go-to-market delivery to set the path for your business to grow at scale.