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The Rise of the Platform Marketer


Today’s landscape of digital audience platforms, extensive customer data, and high-powered marketing technology creates an incredible opportunity for marketers to identify, target, and convert high-value customers in a systematic, profitable manner. The result is a decided competitive advantage. In order to achieve this, marketers must master the perfect mix of competencies. The Rise of the Platform Marketer: Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms is your handbook to get there. 


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Praise for the Book


“At a time when marketing strategies are becoming increasingly confusing and complex due to the rise of open data, social platforms, and disruptive technologies, The Rise of the Platform Marketer cuts through the noise.”
Bob Lord

Bob Lord

President, AOL, Inc.

“Lee and Dempster make a strong and urgent case for the next stage of marketing at the intersection of the enabled consumer and the new 'Platform Marketer.'”
Beth Hirschorn

Beth Hirschorn

Chief Marketing Officer, Kaplan, Inc.

“Finally, a playbook for the enlightened marketer who is increasingly challenged to deliver ever more personalized content to large, diverse audiences.”
Patrick Blair

Patrick Blair

Chief Marketing Officer, Anthem, Inc.

“<em>The Rise of the Platform Marketer</em> gives us a unique view into this dramatic change, providing deep insights and a guide that any successful marketer must follow. This book is the key to the future of marketing.”
Amir Weiss

Amir Weiss

SVP, Head of Global Business, MetLife

About the Authors

Global Chief Executive Officer
John Lee
Global Chief Corporate Strategy Officer - Merkle / CXM

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