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Matthew Mobley

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew leads Merkle’s Enterprise Technology Group and has 20 years of IT experience with 16 years focused on marketing technologies. Merkle’s Enterprise Technology Group is focused on marketing technology innovations that enable Merkle’s clients to achieve Connected CRM. These innovations are focused around Connected Recognition, cross-channel event management, real-time interaction management, and delivering personalized optimized consumer experiences.

He has helped clients evolve and improve their marketing efforts around multi-channel customer relationship management, and he has specific experience from traditional data warehousing to big data management and from analysis to channel execution. These efforts have included the integration of traditional channels to digital channels and media in order to support acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Prior to joining Merkle, Matthew was a senior executive with other leading marketing service providers. In those roles, he managed client marketing solutions, enterprise decision management, and marketing consulting practices. For one of those marketing service providers, Matthew established and led the European consulting practice that provided strategic marketing advisory services covering marketing strategy, advanced analytics, and marketing technology. He has provided these services across multiple industries: financial services, retail, telecommunications, travel, and entertainment.

Matthew was a member of the United States Air Force.

Matthew's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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The “New Normal", Year Two: Data, Privacy and Consumer Behavior

The lessons of COVID-19 on consumer behavior will be dissected for years to come; however, the accelerated digitization spurred by the pandemic immediately impacts how we reach consumers and clients at scale.
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Marketing is Personal: Driving Marketing Success In The Cookieless World

The biggest challenge for marketers today is enabling marketing in a world where data is hard to use, and the ability to know customers is becoming more and more limited by Big Tech. In this session, we’ll explore how to solve internal constraints on unleashing business innovation.
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The Barriers to Great Personalization

From mass media to digital messaging, marketers are rapidly moving toward a place of hyper-personalized engagement. Companies are wrestling to address consumers’ expectations that brands know who they are.
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The Pulse of Customer Engagement (Q1 2020)

After over 30 years of being entrenched in our clients’ CRM aspirations and achievements, there’s certainly no pretending that customer engagement is easy. It requires the orchestration of strategy, data, advanced analytics, technology, campaign executions, and performance management.
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How CMOs Should Take on Innovation in 2019

Over the past several years, CMOs have felt seismic pressures to continually innovate in order to compete for new consumers across emerging channels and mediums. However, the question remains, what does innovation truly mean for you and the CMO?
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Talking Personalization, Part 4: Technology

In this series, we’ve interviewed our martech experts to better understand what’s happening in personalization. Here, Matt Mobley, SVP, Technology, Merkle, shares his perspective on personalization, which is surprisingly not necessarily tech-focused.