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Jennifer Perry

Senior Manager, Advanced Analytic Methods & Research
Jen Perry

Jennifer Perry is a Senior Manager of Advanced Analytic Methods & Research at Merkle. She leads teams that utilize data, analytics, and technology to develop and execute on marketing strategies that aid marketing organizations in understanding their customers and monetizing relationships through personalized experiences. Successful client engagements examples across a number of industries including CPG, High Tech, Non-Profit, Financial Services, Insurance and Pharma. Jennifer has over 10 years of marketing experience and over four years of continual practice in means-end and laddering approaches having learned directly from Dr. Thomas Reynolds, author of the book Understanding Consumer Decision Making and former marketing chair at the University of Houston and founder of the means-end movement.   

Jennifer's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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What Makes People Buy?

In order to persuade customers effectively, you must first understand their personal connection to the brand — in other words, the “why” behind the buy. When we understand unique personal motivators to purchase, we can begin to speak in a personalized, relevant manner to like-minded groups of customers.
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How Social Is Your Brand?

How social is your brand? We're not talking about Facebook or Instagram here. Instead, we're asking specifically how your brand speaks to the socially-oriented needs of your consumers? It can be critical to connecting to your customers.
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Can You Buy Good Parenting?

My team studies the purchase motivations of consumers as a means to formulate meaningful segmentation and positioning strategies. Motivational research (such as laddering) is used to draw out brand distinctions to connect how sought-after brand elements link to underlying personal needs and values.