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Insurance and Wealth Management

Personalized experiences for the most personal buying choices

Your customer’s expectations are as high as they’ve ever been. They expect the seamless, highly personalized experiences that are now commonplace in the retail and tech sectors everywhere they go. They crave a deep connection to the brands with which they have chosen to interact.

Most importantly in the insurance and wealth management space, they need to have confidence in the companies with which they are engaging. After all, they’re trusting you with their money, treasures – their very lives and livelihoods.

Only with a modern marketing strategy – one driven by industry best practices and supported by a full suite of data, tools, and tech – can insurance and wealth management marketers simultaneously stave off competition from upstarts and deliver on the promise of reaching consumers on a truly individual level.

Whether you are:

  • In the life insurance marketplace and trying to stem waning interest in your product
  • In property and casualty insurance, where increased speed and the ability to personalize are essential to compete
  • In wealth management, where clients expect a more digital experience
  • Or in B2B, where recruiting and supporting the best agents and advisors remains critically important

Your challenges aren’t merely theoretical to us. We’ve got decades of experience in each area of the industry, and we’re ready to work closely with you to understand your customers and your specific circumstances to craft solutions that will help you compete.

From the point of drafting contracts all the way to the point of building and executing against a data-driven media strategy, Merkle was fair and honest at all points, brought heavyweight expertise across a wide swath of marketing disciplines, and performed above and beyond every success metric associated with our engagement.
David Fontanez, Former VP Digital Marketing, Fortune 50 Insurer
Merkle drove tangible, sustainable results. They do their homework, and help us strengthen the relationships we have with our clients. Their deep wealth management experience helped us avoid the pain points we encountered with traditional agencies. Their strong strategic recommendations help us create award-winning executions that impact our bottom line.
Sean Ebeling, VP of Marketing, Clearent