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15 Tips for Creating a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy around Your TV Commercial

Hot on the heels of the 2015 Digital Bowl, we'd like to offer marketers a few guidelines for making their television advertisement shine in the digital world, even if they're not spending millions of dollars on a 30 second spot. Why? Because digital done well can support your TV ad by amplifying its message and driving more value from your investment.

Digital marketing is highly customizable and offers advertisers the opportunity to get in front of targeted customers. It also delivers a lot of bang for those marketing bucks – allowing marketers to spend to efficiency targets that control the difference between investment and return. Use the suite of digital marketing tactics available to you (and these 15 tips) to turn your television ad into a digital performance driver.

Lay the Foundation with SEO

1. Create a Landing Page

Create a dedicated landing page for your campaign. This page should be the home base for your television commercial content and offering. It will help interested TV viewers find your site and learn more about your campaign.


2. Optimize It

Make sure the content on that landing page matches how users would look for the content from your TV campaign. Optimize meta elements, include on page content that informs users about your campaign, and encourage prospective customers to learn more about your brand and your offering.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

Make sure mobile users can access and digest content. Mobile is a strong medium for potential customers to access your site, make it easy for them to find and interact with your brand.

4. Earn High Quality Backlinks

Just like you have to market your product or service, you need to market your campaign online too. Earning backlinks from influencers in your space will take that campaign content from “just there” to “everywhere (you want to be)”.

5. Close the Gap Between TV and Digital

With a little planning, you can close the gap between your TV ad and the digital world. Include searchable content in your TV ad like a landing page URL or unique hashtag. This gives prospective customers clear direction on how to find you and interact with your brand.

Keep the Conversation Going on Social

6. Engage

When a user engages with your brand on social, send personalized responses that reflect the voice of your brand. Social is an excellent medium for building relationships with your customers. Use their interest in your TV campaign to bring them into your social circles and use great engagement on social to keep them in your client base. Growing your social audience also gives you a strong community from which you can draw future content strategy ideas.

7. Keep the Conversation Going!

Transfer offline ideas to online conversation. Introduce the idea of the campaign on social media and keep a conversation going around hashtags, your brand, and your campaign theme.

8. Introduce Unique Content

Give social its own flavor. You may have started the campaign in your commercial, but continue that idea on social. Include related content or creative additions to that TV ad in your social posts.

Drive Direct Response with Paid Search, Display, and Email

Paid Search

9. Plan for Full Keyword Coverage

Advertise on your brand and any non-brand terms related to your campaign. Paid search lets you pay for the top spot in the SERPs and capture that valuable traffic you’re driving from your television ad.

10. Connect Ad copy and Landing pages

Coordinate your ad copy and landing pages with your TV campaign. Make sure you’re referencing commercial content in your ad copy and sending users to your dedicated landing page where they can learn more about your television campaign and brand.

11. Don’t Forget about Mobile

Mobile searchers make up a big part of site visits. Figure out their true value (taking conversions, cross-device conversions, and in-store traffic and purchases driven by mobile visitors into account) and bid mobile ads appropriately.


12. Customize Like Crazy

Use display advertising to push out the message in your TV campaign to your most promising prospects. Place a pixel on the dedicated landing page to retarget customers that have already visited your page. Also consider using prospecting to get your ad in front of customers that are in market for your product or closely match your target demographic, even if they haven’t found your site yet.

13. Re-affirm Your Message in Display Creative

Coordinate display creative with your TV ad and send users to that targeted landing page to pull your very best prospects back onto your site.


14. Send it

Include your most engaged customers in your campaign by reaching out to them directly. Send an email with your campaign’s value proposition and how to take advantage of it to your existing customer base to drive strong direct response.

15. Customize and Optimize

Make sure your content is viewable no matter how readers are accessing it. Mobile-friendly emails are a must for getting a great response. Also customize your message to your unique users. Tweak your message or its presentation so it resonates with each unique group of customers’ motivations and interests. Get more bang for spending those big bucks on TV. Use these simple tips to make your television campaign resonate in the digital world.