The Arizona State Legislature considered legislation to regulate cryonics. After much discussion, it seems that there is little risk at the present time that Arizona will regulate cryonics. Thanks to all who contributed. Note that Alcor, as a 501(c)3, cannot support individual candidates. However, individual members, affiliates, supporters and friends are free to support those candidates who support the rights of the individual to make their own choices about their own lives -- including cryonics.

The following candidates ran “traditional” campaigns. That means they can accept direct contributions within statutory limitations. Total donations are $26,670 (as of Friday September 24th 2004). Total donations per candidate are shown in brackets, [$X,XXX].

To make a contribution to the preceding candidates, write a check for up to a maximum of $280 per candidate (a husband and wife can each write a separate check for up to $280 per candidate, their two checks totalling up to $560 per candidate) payable to the candidate's campaign committee. For example, a check for Linda Lopez's campaign should be made payable to the "Linda Lopez Campaign Committee." Checks to other candidates should be made out in the same way. All checks should be mailed to Barry Aarons at 331 North First Avenue, Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Barry will consolidate the checks for each candidate and pass them along to their campaign.

Note that an individual cannot contribute an aggregate of more than $3,600 per year. Further, contributions can only be made by US citizens.

The following candidates are publicly funded; they may not accept direct contributions (beyond a small initial seed money amount). However, Alcor members, affiliates, supporters and friends should consider offering some level of support in the possible form of independent activities which could include a mailing by Alcor members or some media ads in appropriate locations. Note, however, that independent expenditure campaigns require significant notification provisions and disclosure provisions. Please contact Barry M. Aarons ( for further information.